59 Things You Must Do At Home Before The Baby Arrives

I attended this Lamaze class years ago where the instructor was this eccentric lady that had funny views on things.  She’d say if we had a dresser drawer, there’s a baby crib.  If we have a floor, there’s a changing table.

Made me cringe, just a little bit, to think about my baby sleeping in a wooden box with no padding.  We opted for the standard cradle and crib that have worked fine for all three babies.

But there’s so much more to getting your home ready for the baby’s arrival.  What if you don’t have something that you need?  And it’s two am during a feeding when you realize that there’s absolutely no diapers left?

Essentials You Need For Prepping Home For Baby

You may not need everything in the complete list below.  But here’s why I recommend are bare minimum essentials for yours and baby’s needs.

  • Even if you opt for cloth, disposable diapers and wipes are still an excellent idea.
  • Swaddling blankets are a must even above clothing, and help keep baby calm for sleeping well.
  • Nursing bras are not only necessary for breastfeeding in public, but also provide extra support and gentle padding that typical bras can’t.
  • Recovery Essentials that are a MUST:  menstrual pads, peri wash bottle, and a recovery care bundle.
  • Get a carseat that can adapt to whatever size your baby is and grow with it.
  • Breastfeeding Essentials for when you’re apart from your baby:  breast pump, baby bottles.

59 Things To Do At Home Before The Baby Arrives

Have no fear, I compiled the ultimate list of things you need to do so that your home is ship shape before the baby comes.  Download the checklist and you won’t forget a thing!Home Prep Checklist Download

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  1. Have baby’s crib put together with the mattress inside.
  2. Have a mattress pad and a tight fitting sheet on the mattress.
  3. Put baby’s bassinet or cradle next to your bed.
  4. Have the cradle sheet cleaned and ready.
  5. Arrange baby’s changing station with everything you’ll need.
  6. Wash all of the items that will touch your baby:  clothes, sheets, blankets, burp rags, cloth diapers, etc.
  7. Stock up on diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and swaddling blankets.
  8. Have the baby monitor tested and ready, next to the crib/bassinet and your nightstand.
  9. Keep a proper garbage pail next to the changing station so that you can lift the lid open with your foot.
  10. Have extra garbage bags ready at the garbage can.
  11. Store hand sanitizer at your changing station.
  12. For baby’s skin have lotion, balm, and diaper rash cream.
  13. Have a laundry basket close by too, because you’ll be changing baby’s clothes a lot.
  14. Invest in laundry detergent that is dye and perfume free so as not to irritate baby’s skin.
  15. If it’s winter time, you can have a wipe-warmer so the cold wipes don’t upset the baby.
  16. Have baby’s clothes folded and ready in their dresser/closet.
  17. Keep burp cloths in multiple places around your home, maybe in handy baskets.
  18. Invest in a rocking chair or glider for when your feeding your baby.
  19. Have a good cushion on that rocking chair, and also a nursing pillow.
  20. Stock up on reusable breast pads and have them right next to your bras or nursing area for quick changes.
  21. Keep cream for sore nipples at your nursing area.
  22. Place a fan in the room where baby is sleeping; it reduces the risk of SIDS when there is airflow.
  23. Place light blocking curtains over the windows, especially where baby will sleep during the day.
  24. Have a stock of healthy snacks at your bedside or nursing station for you while you’re nursing the baby.
  25. Keep water bottles everywhere for you so that you’re not dehydrated from nursing.
  26. Have books/laptop/Ipad at your bedside or nursing station for your entertainment when baby is up or nursing.
  27. Have baby’s diaper bag stocked and ready for when you have to travel outside.
  28. Make sure your own hospital bag is packed and ready too.
  29. Have your laundry done beforehand, especially your comfortable clothing like pajamas, lounge wear, and your under garments.
  30. Invest in nursing bras and have them properly adjusted.
  31. Clean your home.
  32. Consider hiring a maid or housekeeping service for a few months with your newborn.
  33. Ensure your other children and pets have back up sitters if needed.
  34. Have a heating pad at your bedside for after birth pains that will come.
  35. Keep a change of bed sheets ready for those night time leaks or accidents.
  36. Stock up on large menstrual pads and recovery spray to keep them right next to your toilet.
  37. Have a baby wipe pack at your toilet too.
  38. Keep a small peri bottle next to your sink to fill with warm water.  It’s to spray on yourself each time you use the restroom because you won’t want to be wiping.
  39. Have your pain relief and stool softener prescriptions filled.
  40. Keep a supply of prenatal vitamins stocked up too.
  41. Cook freezer meals ahead of time that can be prepared quickly and easily.
  42. Keep your pantry/fridge full of easy to make meals and snacks that are healthy.
  43. Have your camera battery charged and phone memory cards empty and ready.
  44. Install baby’s car seat in your vehicle.
  45. Keep a blanket and carseat canopy with the car seat all the time.
  46. Remove anything from baby’s room and sleeping area that is unsafe.
  47. Have your breast pump supplies clean and available for use.
  48. Thoroughly clean baby’s bottles and pacifiers.
  49. Have baby’s bottles in a location that daddy can find and use easily if he needs to prepare a bottle.
  50. Keep the pacifiers everywhere.
  51. Select a pediatrician and notify them of your expected due date.
  52. Get a waffle or donut pillow to sit on during your recovery, pack it in your hospital bag.
  53. Prepare for upcoming vaginal and perineal pain with witch hazel pads and a recovery bundle.
  54. Get a squatty potty stool in your bathroom to assist in difficult bowel movements post partum.
  55. Keep your journal with your books so you can write about your experiences while you have the time.
  56. Ensure that you’ve mastered your relaxation techniques so you’re ready when labor starts.
  57. Have your birth plan finalized and copies ready to take to the hospital with you.
  58. Understand your insurance coverage so you know what to expect with your billing.
  59. Spend some time together with your husband to relish in the moment that your life is about to change miraculously.

Whew!  That was a lot!  But honestly, you’re gonna be great at the whole motherhood thing. ?

It always seems like there is WAY too much to do with such a momentous arrival.  But stick to this list and you’ll have everything covered.  Even if you skip a few things, depending on your preferences, you’ll be just fine.

One Thing To Not Forget

But if there was ONE thing I would say to absolutely not forget, it would be to get yourself a bundle of recovery goodies.  You have no idea how you’re going to be feeling down there after your birth.

When those endorphins wear off, the soreness and pain from tearing and possible trauma is uncanny.  There’s no reason that you have to suffer more than necessary.  So get yourself Earth Mama’s Recovery Essentials  so that your bottom is pampered completely.


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