37 Eye-Catching Entry Table Ideas to Make a Fantastic First Impression

Entry tables have greeted guests and residents alike for thousands of years, serving multiple purposes and in countless styles. From the early Romans to the austere Victorians, entry table decorations have long provided a “first impression” glimpse into one’s home. There are a number of ideas that have been utilized over the years, such as the trendy shabby chic style, as well as the more classically familiar designs.

Making An Entrance: 37 Eye-Catching Entry Tables

Entry Table Designs

While many view a home’s entry table as a purely decorative accent piece, others prefer to implement their ideas with an eye for utilitarian, as well as aesthetic, appeal. To that end, many entry table ideas contain numerous drawers and plenty of tabletop space for catchalls, key dishes, and mail organizers. Conversely, some prefer to keep their tables free of clutter, with preferred additions limited to a vase of flowers or careful arrangement of candles. Whatever your personal style may be, here are 37 editorial-worthy entry table ideas designed with every style of home in mind.

1. Mediterranean Blue Entry Table Design

Mediterranean Blue Entry Table Design

Give your entryway a pop of color with a rustic painted blue entry table. This sleek and spacious design is suitable for entryways that are small and a little larger as well. Don’t forget to add a few accents here and there for a more personalized look. Paintings, fake flowers and a detailed mirror are brilliant to add to the elegance of the table.

2. French Vanilla Forest

French Vanilla Forest

If you want your entryway to look like a beautiful ethereal wonderland, going in for a french vanilla rustic table is always a good option. Pairing up the table with similar colored accents adds to the beauty of the room while making it look more complete and wholesome. Don’t forget to make sure that the color of the table is not the same as the walls or the floor.

3. Chic Console-Style

Chic Console-Style

A three-tier console table is a beautiful design for a modern home with some flair. Anyone walking through your door is going to be in awe of this unusual design and color elements that make this table. Since you want the console to be the center of attention, don’t add too many things to it, and keep it minimalistic.

4. Mirrored Art Deco Table for the Entryway

Mirrored Art Deco Table for the Entryway

Source: pinterest.com

A Mirrored Table is bound to add more depth and texture to an otherwise dull room. In the right tones, a mirrored table can make your entryway look a whole lot nicer and luxurious. Pair it up with a matching artistic mirror on the wall, and you are good to go!

5. Chateau Balustrade Entry Table Décor

Chateau Balustrade Entry Table Décor

For those who like their entryways to feel more homely, a chateau balustrade entry table is the perfect item to help you achieve that. With strong legs and a marble top in warm tones, your home can look more welcoming than it was before. Placing a pair of chairs on either side of the table is also one way to amp up the look of the table.

6. Classical Study Design

Classical Study Design

Source: pinterest.com

If you are looking for something that looks sleek, minimalist, and functional at the same time, a strong black table with a drawer should work for you. Keep in mind that to achieve this look, your table should not be too chunky or have any additional jarring accents on it.

7. Timelessly Handsome Wooden Table

Timelessly Handsome Wooden Table

Source: sondulucs.com

Wooden entryway tables always have a certain feel to them. They make the entryway look welcoming you never have to worry about them going out of fashion because of how elegant they look and make the room feel. Pair it up with earthy tones and elements, and your entryway table will look stunning and complete.

8. Pretty & Petite Country Style

Pretty & Petite Country Style

If you don’t have too much space in your entryway, a small petite table in rustic tones could always do the trick. Depending on the area you have at your disposal, you can make it as small or thin as you like. Remember, don’t add too many accents to the table or it may overpower it too much.

9. Sophisticated Metropolitan Design

Sophisticated Metropolitan Design

Source: deavita.fr

Glass tables always look sleek, modern and contemporary. They make the room look spacious while still adding an element of furniture to it. A glass entryway table in a sleek design always works well, especially if you have marble flooring, white walls, and a lot of light coming into the room.

10. Simply Rustic Wooden Table Décor

Simply Rustic Wooden Table Décor

Rustic tables always have a certain air about them and make a room feel more personalized and homely. An entryway table in rustic tones paired up with a chalkboard with handwritten messages can turn any home into something more personalized. After all, home is where the heart is.

11. Charming Wooden Spool Table

Charming Wooden Spool Table

A table shaped like a semicircle is undoubtedly usual, and in an entryway with little space, can turn any home into a more picturesque setting. The wooden panels used on this table give it all the texture and color it needs to stand out from the rest of the room.

12. Elegant Versailles Scrollwork Design

Elegant Versailles Scrollwork Design

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades, and this timeless piece of furniture stands true to that. The light accents on this table make it look beautiful, while not being too overpowering, or adding too much detail. For a home that has warm toned floors and walls, this entryway table is sure to look gorgeous!

13. Antiquated Italian Marble Top Entry Table

Antiquated Italian Marble Top Entry Table

Source: forbes.com

Marble tables look incredibly artistic, and when attached to a wall in this fashion, can make your entryway look like an art museum. The metal bottom with the details breaks the monotony of the table and gives it an additional focal point. Make sure that your wall doesn’t have any patterns on it, as that can seem a little jarring in contrast to the table.

14. Stunning Tree Piece

Stunning Tree Piece

If you are into DIY projects and making unique, one of a kind furniture, carve a tree trunk to look like an entryway table. It’s a great way of bringing the outdoors, indoors, and is sure to grab the attention of anyone walking through your door, because they surely won’t have seen anything like this before.

15. Little Red Rooster

Little Red Rooster

For a pop of color in your room, try an entryway table in bright red. It helps give an entryway a good contrast and makes the table the focal point of the room. Keep the table small, because if it is too big, the red can become overpowering. Don’t forget to add a few accents to give it a personal touch.

16. Singer Sewing Machine Style

Singer Sewing Machine Style

If you have an old mechanical sewing machine just sitting in your attic or garage, why not turn it into a one of a kind entryway table? Pair it up with a piece of wood for the top of the table and smoothen it out to give it a polished look. If your sewing machine looks old and faded, a fresh coat of paint should give it a makeover.

17. Shabby Chic Wooden Runner Entry Table Idea

Shabby Chic Wooden Runner Entry Table Idea

Go minimalistic all the way with a super sleek wall hinged entryway table. It gives the room a certain amount of flair, while maintaining the space, and without taking away from it. This kind of entryway table is excellent for smaller apartments with limited space to work with.

18. Deep & Rich Entry Table Decoration

Deep & Rich Entry Table Decoration

If you have a bright colored wall and want to give your room a good contrast, try a simple entryway table in dark brown or black. It will stand out immensely against the colored wall and will help tone it down a little bit as well.

19. Winter Palace Balustrade Style

Winter Palace Balustrade Style

Source: instagram.com

If you want your home to look like a rustic winter haven, a darker cream colored table with white accents is the way to go. Remember that this will only work as intended if the rest of the room follows a similar color palette.

20. Entry Table A’La Modern Art

Entry Table A'La Modern Art

Make your entryway look like a piece of art with this beautiful geometric designed entryway table. The curves give the table the flair that it needs while making it look incredibly chic and artistic. Don’t forget to pair it up with a well designed decorative mirror to give it an extra touch.

21. For the Vintage Lovers

For the Vintage Lovers

Source: pinterest.com

If you want a piece of vintage furniture in your home, why not pick up the trend with a beautiful vintage table! Shades of brown work well with each other, but remember to keep your color palette subtle and in sync with each other.

22. “Some Things Are Black And White”

"Some Things Are Black And White"

Black and white work well if paired up right and in the appropriate proportions to balance out each other. This white entryway table with a black top and matching black mirror work incredibly well with each other, and complement one another well to make the room stand out and look welcoming.

23. Rustic Apothecary Style

Rustic Apothecary Style

Woodland inspired furniture is always a brilliant way of bringing the beauty of nature into your home. If that is the theme you are going in for your home, why not start it off with your entryway table? This rustic apothecary style table is the perfect way to weave in that idea while looking incredibly homely and beautiful.

24. Robin’s Egg Blue Entry Table

Robin's Egg Blue Entry Table

Colored entryway tables are a great way of giving a unique touch to an otherwise dull room. The right color can make even the simplest of entryway tables to look chic and modern. Don’t hold back while choosing the right color. The brighter, the more it will be admired by those who see it.

25. Farmhouse Console Design

Farmhouse Console Design

If you hear the farm life calling out for you, a barn-inspired entryway table is a brilliant way to answer back. The table doesn’t need to be too bulky, and even a sleek design in the right wooden texture can look incredibly good and beautiful.

26. For a Distressed White Country House

For a Distressed White Country House

Bring a little bit of country into your home with a chic and rustic white entryway table. This is another option for smaller entryways, and even a tiny thin table can work well to give your entryway a nice look. Pair it up with a few more rustic elements either under or over it to add a little bit of a unique touch to it.

27. Fun & Functional

Fun & Functional

No one said that an entryway table needs to be one color and boring. This entryway table is a good way to show people that your home is one big fun art gallery with artistic elements in every piece of furniture. A chic geometric designed table with a beautiful tall piece of art in the background is a lovely way to bring some color into the room while making it look well put together.

28. Victorian “Slice” Style

Victorian "Slice" Style

Source: gypsybarn.com

If you have a little amount of space, you don’t always have to go with something that follows a minimalistic design. Try something like this minimalistic style victorian table that gives your home a little bit of texture, while not taking away from the small amount of space that you have at your disposal.

29. Table with Refinished Wooden Folding

Table with Refinished Wooden Folding

An entryway table does not only need to be something that keeps things for the show. It can also be incredibly functional, like this beautiful rustic folding table. This one was made of refinished wood, so if you are good with making furniture, this can be a good next project!

30. Provincial Pantry Table

Provincial Pantry Table

Another functional entry table design, this one with drawers and a low space holder. It doesn’t need to be in white but would surely look good if your wall is also the same color. Add a few homely accents and storage items to make this otherwise simple table look more stylish and personalized so that it can grab people’s attention and make it more akin to your style.

31. Abstract Art Glass

Abstract Art Glass

Glass can improve the look of any home, and make it look like a piece of modern art. A glass table with an abstract design base looks beautiful and is incredibly unusual. The darker glass also gives the table a certain chic finish, making it look fit for the entryway into an art gallery that is home to modern abstract works.

32. Rustic Wooden Tavern Décor

Rustic Wooden Tavern Décor

A simple rustic table with a ‘V’ shaped base can work wonders for a simple space that just needs a small element to be uplifted. Don’t worry if your table looks a little old since that is the charm and style of rustic furniture. You can play around with the kind of wooden tones that you use depending on your preference and what tone you think looks best in your room.

33. Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

Everyone loves seeing a bit of cheer the first time they enter into a home, and this entry table is sure to exude that to anyone walking through your doors. The distressed wood gives the table the added pattern and texture that it needs to stand out, and the white adds a certain amount of elegance to it. The drawers and storage space on this also makes the table incredibly functional.

34. Stylish Sawhorse Style

Stylish Sawhorse Style

Source: ana-white.com

Wooden tables are always one of the most diverse kinds of entryway tables that you can incorporate into your home. A well-furnished sawhorse style table makes your home look welcoming and includes a bit of country style living in your home. It can revamp the look of any space, and give it the touch of contrast elements that it needs to make your entryway look more appealing.

35. Delicate Eastern Inspired Table

Delicate Eastern Inspired Table

Source: hashook.com

You don’t need to be too daring to incorporate metallic tones into your home. It is something that people are usually skeptical about, but in the right tones, and with a minimalistic design, can give the room an entire makeover. This small entryway table in metallic gold is a stunning way to give your home a luxury makeover, without being too hard on the eyes. Pair it up with an intricately designed mirror, and you have the best combination for your home.

36. Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table

Midtown Mod Wooden Entry Table

Source: indelink.com

If you want to try a minimalist entryway table with storage options, this sleek wall hinged one is the perfect solution for you. With a combination of white, black and wooden tones, this table will go well with almost any kind of room decor and is incredibly versatile. Just be sure not to put anything too heavy on it, as the hinges might give way and send your table tumbling down!

37. Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala

Entryway Table with Glass Top Gala

If you have an old glass table at home that you want to give a new look too, why not do so by using a white linen cloth to cover up the base. All you need to do is cut out fabric and attach it to the top of the table, and place the glass over it. It will give your entryway table a makeover, making it look entirely new. You can play around with the colors of the cloth that you want to implement, depending on your preference of course! After all, it is your home.

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