22 DIY Hanging Shelves To Make The Most Of Storage in a Tiny Room

22 DIY Hanging Shelves To Maximize Storage in a Tiny Space

Even those of us who are construction novices can pull off DIY hanging shelves. They are easy & affordable shelving options that can have a huge impact on the room. In fact, I find them much more unique and appealing than many other shelving options.

DIY Round Hanging Shelves

Round wooden pieces are super tricky to make on your own, so your best bet is repurposing an existing wooden circle piece. You won’t believe the creative pieces they used on the two options below:

SaveA Pair & A Spareby apairandaspare3K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

I would have never guessed just by looking at it that this round hanging shelf is actually made out of a dim sum steamer basket. This is truly repurposing at its finest! (via A Pair & a Spare)

SaveThe Joshua Tree House531ElisaHome DIY: Cheap stores, items, and ideas

Next up, an equally brilliant repurposed shelf hack. This round hanging shelf is made out of a cheese box lid. With its unfinished wood and leather string, it epitomizes gorgeous minimalist decor and for a fraction of the cost. In fact, Design Love Fest’s bedroom makeover uses a very similar round hanging shelf that costs over $200! (via Design Comb)

Savefrom newblooming.com820Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Or perhaps the most attainable option, repurposing quilting hoops to create this beautifully simple shelf for a fraction of the cost. (via New Blooming)

Unfinished Wood DIY Hanging Shelves

Savewhydontyoumakeme.com91K+13Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Triangles are such an underused shape in home design. These triangular DIY hanging shelves are unique and fabulous touch your home is asking for. Especially in small living spaces & apartments, you need to take advantage of your vertical storage space with great looking shelves like these. (via Why Don’t You Make Me)

In just five easy steps, this wooden box gets a makeover and is upcycled into a modern hanging shelf! I like the idea to paint the front edge with whatever accent color works in your home. (via Brit + Co)


Make sure you check out this blog if you love unfinished wood decor because their DIYs are incredible. This leather strap shelf is gorgeously done and you will be shocked at how easy and inexpensive it is to recreate. (via Burkatron)

SavePLACE OF MY TASTE3K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Can you believe that all you need for this project is a round wooden plate, yarn & scissors? I am dying to try this project because the end result is phenomenal. It has a minimalist, bohemian vibe and pairs perfectly with your favorite DIY succulent planters. (via Place of My Taste)
Savefrom atelierdecuriosite.com9K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

These DIY hanging shelves illustrate how just adding a few wooden bead accents & some paint really goes a long way! They also have some circular cutouts to hold succulent pots. The details on this set of shelves are perfect.(via ADC) While they do not publish a free tutorial for these shelves since they are part of a workshop they teach, you could easily add these details to the very similar tutorial for these shelves:

SaveCarnets Parisiens20K+6Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

The French blogs truly nail these gorgeous DIY hanging shelves. Again with the wooden bead details – I adore this look. Plus, they are great for shelf styling inspiration. (via Carnets Parisiens)

Beautifully Simple DIY Hanging Shelves

SaveBloglovin’5K+Ashley ParrishGETTYSBURG.

You may not even be able to tell at first that these are hanging shelves with the clean white on white look. These are a lot different than the other DIY hanging shelves since they are very shallow and built to display a variety of prints. (via A Beautiful Mess)

SaveA Bubbly Life269Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

You can make this gorgeous, luxe looking marble hanging shelves in just 10 minutes flat! Can you believe that? Do it one evening over an episode of the Bachelor and you’ll have it done well before Chris Harrison can say, “This is the final rose tonight.” If you’re wondering where to find the marble tile, you can typically get them pretty inexpensively at your local Home Depot or hardware store. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Rope Hanging Shelves

SaveA Pair & A Spareby apairandaspare3K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Looking for a bit more storage space? These DIY hanging rope shelves are a great solution. Plus, they barely cost anything to make. (via A Pair & A Spare)

Here is a YouTube tutorial on how to make a similar set of hanging rope shelves. If you haven’t subscribed to Mr. Kate’s DIY channel, it is a great one for home decor ideas.

Rustic Hanging Shelves

Savepubx.co57K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Depending upon your needs, this could be a table or a shelf. This gorgeous, rustic piece is made out of a real wood cutting. What’s cool about this project is that it can also serve as a memento. For example, you can get a cross section of wood from a tree at your childhood home or grandparent’s home. The cutting from this project is 50 years old from their family’s farm. (via The Merrythought)

SaveMan Made DIY1K+Kiersten Olsonhusband

Another great thing about DIY hanging shelves is that they can be a great storage solution for renters because they require minimal drilling into the wall. (via Manmade DIY)

SaveThe Merrythought59Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Cement decor is so trendy right now and you can inexpensively make pieces like this DIY round hanging cement table at home. This would also be perfect for a nightstand. (via The Merrythought)

DIY Hanging Planter Shelves

Savefrom hellolidy.com2K+Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Can you ever get enough plants in your home? I don’t think so. And if you don’t have much of a green thumb (myself included), you can also find great faux ones. Either way, DIY hanging shelves that hold planters are the perfect way to feature your plants. (via Hello Lidy)

SaveBURKATRON444Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

For a more delicate look, try these tiny DIY hanging shelves with mini bud vases made out of test tubes. (via Burkatron)

DIY Hanging Shelves for the Bathroom

Saveamberinteriordesign.com3K+1Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

Are you desperate for more space in your tiny bathroom? These hanging over the toilet shelves are exactly what you need. (via Amber Interior Design)

Kid’s Hanging Shelves

SavePetit & Small652Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

You won’t believe that you can make this for only about $10. I love the white & pink rope choice and then the tassel details at the end. The rope almost looks like a jump rope so it’s playful look fits perfectly for a kid’s room or nursery. (via Simply Grove)

Save100 Layer Cake285Erica | She Tried WhatDIY Shelves

While nothing about these shelves makes them inherently juvenile, the styling of them for a kid’s room is perfect. So, I had to include for styling inspiration. (via 100 Layer Cake)

Bohemian Hanging Shelves

Savefrom drlivinghome.com259Sara TorregrosaCraft Ideas

These DIY hanging shelves have a real bohemian vibe with the bead & macrame details. I especially love the pop of color from the beads. Again, this is such an easy & cheap DIY shelf idea that anyone can pull off. (via Dr. Living Home)

DIY hanging shelves are especially perfect if you fit into any of these three categories:

  • You want to make some DIY home updates, but aren’t well versed in woodworking and construction techniques.
  • You want to create more storage space in your house or apartment but are on a tight budget.
  • You are a renter and want to make your apartment home without doing much drilling into the walls.

If any of these sound familiar, DIY hanging shelves are the perfect solution. They are cheap, easy & help you optimize your vertical storage space without needing to drill tons of holes in the walls. Inspired to try?

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