If you have a bunch of rubber bands and no idea what to do with them, you’re in luck! Try some of these rubber band hacks, and you’ll see just how handy they are.

15 Ways You Should Use Rubber Bands #diyhacks #homehacks

Rubber bands are useful for all sorts of things. From pulling back your hair in a pinch, to creating fun charms for the kids, to securing things together, every home and office should have a few (hundred) rubber bands. Not sure what to do with all those elastic rings? Here are 15 ways you should be using rubber bands.

Rubber Band Hacks for the Home

Rubber Band Hacks You Need to Know

Make fun rubber band rings for the kiddos. They’re loads cheaper than costume jewelry!

When you’ve gotta save space in your backpack or luggage, use rubber bands to keep outfits rolled up together tightly.

Easily create French tips by using a rubber band for smooth nail polish transitions. Handy!

Clothes always falling off the hangers? No more! Use rubber bands to create no-slip hangers for those wide-necked tops.

Put a rubber band around a paint can to remove excess paint from the brush.

Rubber Band Tricks

Uses for Rubber Bands

Keep apples from turning brown in a lunchbox by securing them with rubber bands after you slice them.

Here’s a great idea if you have toddlers: prevent doors from latching (and locking) by securing a rubber band around both knobs to press the latch in.

No GPS in your car? No problem! Mount your phone to the rear view mirror using rubber bands for an easy-to-see navigation system.

If your kids are using too much soap when they wash their hands, limit how much they can get by putting a rubber band around the soap pump. Genius!

Kids can go through 101 drinking glasses a day. Mark each glass with a different colored rubber band for each kid, and you’ll save loads of time on washing and guessing which glass belongs to whom.

Tricks for Using Rubber Bands

Rubber Band Tips and Tricks

When transporting a crock pot without a lock top, secure the lid with rubber bands to make sure you don’t spill anything.

Slippery hands are no longer a problem when opening jars. Put a thick rubber band around the lid, and give it a twist. The rubber band helps your hand maintain a firm grip.

The same trick works well for opening nail polish, too.

Control cord clutter by wrapping rubber bands around each stored cord to prevent tangling.

If your pants are a little too snug, wrap a rubber band around the button, loop it through the buttonhole, and wrap around the button again. You may want to carry an extra rubber band or two just in case, though.

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