13 Survival Tips That May Save Your Life Someday

Some inadvertent deaths are unavoidable—wrong place, wrong time. But most aren’t. Staying alive requires perceiving threat, feeling dread, and responding. Here’s some tips you should know to stay alive in some dangerous situations.

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1. If You Have Only One Battery

2. Make Drinkable Water Out of Dirty Water

All our tissues have water in their structure and they have to stay hydrated to live. Dirty water would get hurtful microorganisms in all aspects of our body, spreading them quicker than the immune system could respond. Here’s how to make dirty water drinkable

3. Create a Light Bulb From Bleach, Water & Empty Bottle

4. Use Pencil Sharpener To Get Your Fire Started

5. Use Chapstick As a Survival Tool

Chapstick isn’t only to protect your lips. You can likewise utilize this well known lip medicine for minor therapeutic treatment and assurance; for repairing and waterproofing; for fire starting and storage.

6. Set Up a Glow-In-The-Dark Security System For Your Campsite

A mousetrap and a cyalume glow stick is a straightforward, shoddy approach to set up an edge alert framework. This won’t make much noise so it requires somebody always looking for a shining light to show up. Ideally, keep your tripwires short and utilize more cautions so you can more precisely distinguish the area of intruders.

7. Make a Battery From Pennies

Get the full instructions

8. Start a Fire With Chewing Gum

Amidst a catastrophe, that pack of Juicy Fruit fills a far more prominent need than simply fighting off hunger or freshening your breath.

9. Make a Stove From an Empty Can

The tutorial is going to teach you how to make a small stove out of a soda can in just a few minutes. Read tutorial

10. How To Make a Knife In Survival Situations

A survival knife is convenient for cooking, making shelter, hunting and self-defense when vital. Regardless of the possibility that you are the most independent, crisis arranged individual you ought to figure out how to make this fundamental survival device using this simple instructional tutorial. Read tutorial

11. In Case of an Emergency, Crayons Can Burn For 30 Minutes

12. Build an Emergency Gas Mask

Having a gas mask will have all the effect in certain crisis circumstances. A gas mask can save your life in the circumstances, where the odds of air getting contaminated with deadly dangerous gasses are high. Read more

13. Learn To Perform CPR on an Adult

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a lifesaving method that dates as far back as the year 1740 is still utilized today. The issue is, few individuals know how to administer it properly.

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