100 Dollar Store Christmas Decor DIY Ideas

Make your home look festive for less with these dollar store Christmas decor DIY ideas. There are wreaths, candles, centerpieces, home accents and much more!

Items You Can Get At Dollar Tree for $1:

Items You Can Get at Walmart for $1:

  • Christmas village figurines (small ones are less than $1)
  • Acrylic paint ($0.50 for small bottles of Apple Barrel paint)
  • Christmas picks (Dollar Tree does have some picks, but not as much selection as Walmart).
  • Clip Ornaments ($1-$3, depending on size)
  • Paint brushes
  • White & Black spray paint (other colors are $3)
  • Wood and Chipboard Letters
  • Christmas Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners) – $0.88
  • They also have a dollar craft corner where you can get a number of items too
  • Christmas Lights ($2 for 100 ct.)

Dollar Store Christmas DIY Candles

Snowy Pinecone Luminaries
Glass Jar + Pinecones + Lace Ribbon + Twine  + Hot glue gun + Snow-Tex + Epsom Salt + Tealight Candle

candle-pine-burlapBurlap Evergreen Candle
Tall Jar Candle + Burlap Ribbon + Twine + Evergreen Spig
Here’s how to preserve evergreen for decorating

wineglass-pineWine Bottle Candles
Wine Glass Bottles + White Taper Candles + Twine + Pine Twigs

Dollar Store Christmas Candle Snowmen
Tall Jar Candle + Sharpies  + Ribbon + Hot Glue Gun + Buttons + Twist Ties

Snowball  Candleholder
Round Glass Candleholder + Spray Adhesive + Fake Snow

candles-snowglobeWine Glass Snow Globe
Silver Charger + Small White Pillar Candles
+ Wine Glasses
+ Christmas Village Pieces ($0.74-$2 Walmart) + Sugar

wine-glass-christmas-ornament-decorationWine Glass Ornament Decoration
Small Round Ornaments + Wine Glasses + White Votive Candles  + Mirror Candle Tray

Glittery Wine Glass Candleholders
Wine Glass + Glittery Foam Vase Filler + Vanilla Pillar Candle + Mod Podge + Silver Glitter

Tea Light Christmas Decorations
tea light inserts + tea lights + fake snow + small round ornaments + wine glasses

candle-candycane2Dollar Tree Christmas Candles
Candy Cane Sticks / Peppermints + Red Ribbons + Various Sized Candles and Holders

Christmas Bow Candle
Christmas Bow Ornaments + Green Twine + Red Pillar Candle

Christmas Candles
paper towel & toilet paper rolls + hot glue + battery operated tea light candles + white spray paint + glitter

Glitter Candles
Candles  + Red Glitter + Mod Podge + Clear Sealer Spray + Masking Tape

Snowflake Candles
Snowflake Stickers + Glass Candleholders + Pillar Candles

Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder
Glass Candle Holder + Glass Beads + Hot Glue Gun + Tealight Candle

Dollar Store Christmas DIY Wreaths


Candy Candle Wreath
Candy Canes+ Snowflake Ornament + Red Ribbon

wreath-santaSanta Wreath
Santa Hat + Foam Wreath + White Tulle ($1.50 Craft Store)

Christmas Ornament Wreath
Wire Hanger + Ornaments +  Wired Ribbon + Craft Wire

DIY Dollar Store Ornament Wreath
Dollar Store Ornaments + Hot Glue Gun + Fabric + Wire Wreath Form


Snowflake Wreath
Packs of Snowflakes + Red Ribbon

wreath-snowflakeDollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger
Various Sized Snowflake Ornaments from Dollar Tree
Use a glue gun to glue them together. You can also make a garland using these snowflakes.

wreath-candycanePeppermint Wreath
Peppermints + Foam Wreath + Large Bow
Use a glue gun to glue the peppermints to the wreath.
This project will probably take a least an hour.

Christmas Ribbon Wreath
Wired Christmas Ribbon + Wire Wreath

wreath-mossFloral Moss Wreath
Floral Moss + Foam Wreath + Dark Green Acrylic Paint ($0.50 – Walmart) + Christmas Pick ($0.98 – Walmart) + Red Ribbon

door-hangerMossy Joy Wreath
Large Wood Letters ($1.50 a piece – Walmart) + Twine + Burlap Ribbon + Floral Moss
Coat letters in mod podge and sprinkle on floral moss. Attach twine to backs of letters with a staple gun or hot glue gun.

wreath-burlapBurlap Christmas Wreath
Burlap Ribbons + Foam Wreath  + Garland Ties  + Pinecones + Snowflake Ornament  + White Berry Bush + Decorative Burlap Ribbon + Twine

Clothespin Wreath
Clothespins + Wire Hanger + Ribbon + Green Spray Paint + Wire Cutter  + Glue Gun  + Beads

wreath1DIY Burlap Wreath
Burlap Ribbon + Metal Frame Wreath + Christmas Ribbon + Chenille Stems ($0.88 – Walmart)

Coffee Filter Wreath
Foam Wreath + Coffee Filters + Hot Glue Gun + Pen/Sharpie + Fishing Wire

Berry Wreath
Wreath Form + Berry Bush Stems + Hot Glue Gun

wreath-bowsGift Bow Wreaths
Bags of Gift Bows + Foam Wreath

Christmas Cookie Cutter Wreath
Cookie Cutters  + Christmas Paper (either scrapbook or wrapping paper) + Glue +  Ribbon

Glam Wreath 
Garland + Foam Wreath + Push Pins

Candy Cane Garland Wreath 
Garlands + Foam Wreath + Push Pins

wreath-pompomChristmas Pom Pom Wreath
Foam Wreath + Christmas Pom-Poms

Framed Ornament Wreath
Old Frame + Spray Paint ($1-$3 at Walmart) + Ornaments + Large Ribbon + Narrow Ribbon (to hang the ornaments from)
You can’t get a large frame at Dollar Tree, but you can get them at thrift stores for $2-$3.

Twine Star
Wood Shims ($1.48 Lowes) + Jute Twine + Wood Glue + Glue Gun
The wood glue is the most expensive part of this project ($3 at Walmart or a Home Improvement Store)

Snowflake Wreath
White Tulle Ribbons + Foam Wreath + Snowflake Ornaments
Here is a tutorial that shows you how to make a tulle wreath

Other Dollar Store Christmas DIY Decorations

Dollar Tree Christmas Snow Scene
epsom salt + 4 picture frames + white foam board + Christmas village figurines

christmas-village Christmas Snow Village
Christmas Village (Dollar Tree or Walmart) + White Spray Paint ($1-Walmart)
+ Fake Snow + Silver Glitter ($1 -Walmart)
Spray paint everything white. Let dry, then use Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter on trees.

bowlBowl of Frosty Pinecones and Ornaments
White Spray Paint ($1- Walmart) + Pinecones + Potpourri
+ Frosted Round Ornaments + White Bowl

fruit-glitterSilver Faux Fruit
Decorative Fruit + Silver and White Glitter ($1.50 Walmart) + White Spray Paint + Spray Adhesive

door-snowmanSnowman Door
Black and Orange Construction Paper  + Red Striped Gift Paper
You can also add the same decoration to your fridge if it’s white.

Snowflake Curtains
Printer Paper + Scissors + Fishing Line + Transparent Tape


Window Ornament Decoration
Assorted Round Ornaments + White Curling Ribbons + Large Bow

Wrapping Paper Cabinets
All you need is Christmas wrapping paper, scissors and tape

Gift Bow Cabinets
Christmas Ribbon and Bows

Dining Room Chandelier Decorations
Garland with Berries + Ornaments + String or Ribbons (for hanging)

Falling Snow
Cotton Balls + Fishing Line

Lighted Burlap Garland
Burlap Ribbons + String Lights

Christmas Tree Garland 
Christmas Cupcake Liners + Twine + Star Stickers

Snowman Bowl
Round Glass Candleholder + Epsom Salt + Mod Podge  + Spray Acrylic + Ribbon + Small Buttons + Hot Glue

Dollar Store Fishbowls Snowman
Fish Bowls + Snow Village Pieces + Fake Snow + Black Craft Foam +  Christmas Ribbon

Doily Christmas Basket (2:53 in the video tutorial)

Winter Vases
Glass Vases  + Painter’s Tape (Or Duct Tape) + Snow Tex Paint

Christmas Candy Vase
Herseys Green and Red Kisses + Peppermints +
Tall Vase + White Ribbon

Dollar Store Framed Reindeer 
Glittery Reindeer + 5×7 Frames + Foam Mount Stickers + Christmas Patterned Paper

If you happen to already have some glass jars around the house then this is an easy project. Just buy some gift bows, candy canes and ornaments from Dollar Tree. If you don’t have the jars, you could find some at a thrift store for under $5.

Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes
Craft Sticks + Hot Glue Gun + Fishing Line + Tape + Christmas Ribbon + Red & White Paint

Glitter Globe
Small Glass Jar + Figurines + Glitter + Spray Adhesive + Super Glue + Mod Podge
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe
Mason Jar + Red and Green Twine + Mod Podge + Glitter + Christmas Ornament

Pine Cone Christmas Trees
Pine Cones + Small Terra Cotta Pot + Craft Paint & Glue + Glitter + Aluminum Stars

Rustic Christmas Balls
Balloons + Twine + White Glue + Cornstarch + Petroleum Jelly + Clear Spray Paint + Lights

Dollar Store Christmas DIY Centerpieces

Snowy Mason Jar
Epsom Salt + Mason Jars + Twine + Christmas picks

Joy Bottle Centerpiece
Wood Letters + Red Acrylic Paint + Burlap Ribbon + Wine Bottles + White Spray Paint + Christmas Ribbon

Rustic Christmas Mason Jars
White Chalk Paint + Mason Jar + Christmas Pick + Twine

Snowy Bottles Christmas Display
Glass Bottles + Epsom Salt + White Spray Paint + Spray Adhesive + Silver Charger + Glittery Christmas Florals & Sprays

Candy Cane Centerpiece
Hot Glue Gun + Empty Can + Candy Canes

Candy Cane Centerpieces
Square Glass Candleholder + Candy Canes + Christmas Stickers + Fake Snow + Plastic Candy Cane Stick + Santa Hat

Ornament Centerpiece
Glas Candleholders + Large Red Ornaments + Hot Glue Gun + Fresh Evergreen
You can get free evergreen trimmings from Home Depot in the Christmas Tree section

Dollar Store Christmas DIY Mini Trees

mini-trees2Ornament Mini Christmas Tree
Small Red Round Ornments + Foam Cone + Red Garland or Red Metallic Foil Shreds

Christmas Ornament Tree
Round Ornaments + Foam Cone + Bead Garland + Glue Gun

Silver Spoon Christmas Tree
Foam Cone + Silver Plastic Spoons + Silver Craft Paint + Glue Gun + Ornament + Glass Candlestick + Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

You can get everything but the spray paint for $1

mini-trees3Peppermint Mini Christmas Tree
Peppermints  + Red Garland or Metallic Foil + Foam Cone

Upcycled Sparkly Tree
Paper Mache Tree + Plastic Gold Beads + Hot Glue Gun

Mason Jar Christmas Tree
Mason Jars + Christmas Ornaments +  Christmas Star + Bead Garland

Dollar Store Christmas DIY Table Decorations

Gold Dipped Holiday Glasses
Gold Spray Paint + Masking Tape + Wine Glasses
Only thing you can’t get at Dollar Tree is the gold spray paint, but you can get it at Walmart for $3

Monogrammed Place Card
Glittery Letters ($0.98 each at Walmart) + Pinecones

Mini Stocking Utensil Holders
All you need is a pack of mini stockings from the Dollar Tree

Candy Cane Placeholder
Candy Canes + Place Cards + Ribbons

Holiday Shakers
Salt Shakers + Small Christmas Figurines + Salt

Holiday Tiered Serving Tray
Glass Taper Candleholder + Various Plastic Christmas Plates + Red Charger + E6000 Glue

Snowman Spoons
Wooden Spoons + White Spray Paint + Black & Orange Acrylic Paint

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