100 Brilliant Projects to Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps

If you love sewing, then chances are you have a few fabric scraps left over. You aren’t going to always have the perfect amount of fabric for a project, after all. If you’ve often wondered what to do with all those loose fabric scraps, we’ve got quite a treat for you. So with the leftover fabric from those adorable Halloween costumes or your other DIY clothing projects, we’ll show you how to create some really great bags, wallets, and so much more.

100 Brilliant Projects to Upcycle Leftover Fabric ScrapsWe’ve gathered up 100 different ways that you can put those scraps of fabric to good use. Some of these easy projects require no sewing, and all of them are perfect for scraps. Make yourself a necklace or belt, or create something for a wonderful gift for someone special. We’ve got something in here for everyone in the family and even a few things for your furry family friends.

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Phone Case

Phone CaseCreate this adorable little wallet for your phone. With just a small bit of fabric, you can make the perfect holder for your phone, and with the attached clip, it’s perfect for keeping your phone safe, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Monogram Pouch

Monogram PouchThis gorgeous monogrammed pouch can be made with those leftover trim scraps. Just a few little pieces and you’ve got quite the coin purse to keep or give as a lovely gift.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: makeit-loveit

Fabric Flower Accent Pillow

Fabric Flower Accent PillowDress up any room with these beautiful fabric flower accent pillows that you can make from extra fabric in the same or in contrasting colors. Each pillow takes less than an hour and they’re so easy, you can do one for every season.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: kikicreates

Kitchen Decorating DIY – Make Your Own Dishtowel Belts

Kitchen Decorating DIY – Make Your Own Dishtowel BeltsThese are so adorable and so very helpful. Krystal over at Sassy Sanctuary has come up with an idea to keep those dishtowels from falling on the floor. She has crafted belts to hold them in place. They are really cute and they really do the job. You just need a bit of fabric and some Velcro and you can decorate them any way that you want. You can get really creative with this and imagine how great these would be to give out as gifts. You can make them to pair with a holiday kitchen towel for those people who are really hard to find gifts for.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sassysanctuary

Marble Necklace

Marble NecklaceTie those scraps of fabric around marbles to create these lovely necklaces. They’re perfect for gift giving around the holiday season, or make them in different colors to match all your favorite outfits.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: howdoesshe

Cute and Easy DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

Cute and Easy DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

This adorable skirt for kids is not nearly as difficult to make as the name implies. You just take two squares of fabric and layer them. It turns into the cutest skirt for your little one or you could make the fabric a bit larger and do one for yourself. Because it’s so easy to make, you will want several of these to wear for different occasions. Pair it with leggings and boots and it’s an adorable fall outfit or just have it for summer with flip-flops. The idea comes from Make It and Love It and we really do Love It!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: Cute and Easy DIY Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

Chapstick Holder

Chapstick HolderThis keychain Chapstick holder is easy, and the perfect fashion accessory for teens. The best part? It takes literally only five minutes to make, and needs only a small scrap of fabric.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Cuddle Pillow

Cuddle PillowOk, so you know you love huge pillows. This one allows you to use a lot of those fabric scraps and quilting squares, and you create an enormous pillow that’s perfect for cuddling indoors or out.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: mesewcrazy

Little Miss Mason Jars

Little Miss Mason JarsThis project lets you use all those fabric scraps and helps you to stay organized as well. You just cover mason jars with fabric and then fill with whatever you want. They’re easy and adorable.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: stumblesandstitches

Kids Belts

Kids beltWith just a strip of leftover fabric and a D ring, you can make these really cute kids belts. Make a different one for every outfit! They’re very easy to make and oh so adorable.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Key Fob Lanyard

Key Fob LanyardThese key fob lanyards have a secret pocket, making them perfect for stashing cash when you’re on the go. They’re also easy to make and take very little fabric.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sew4home

Custom Camera Strap Cover

Custom Camera Strap CoverWith this quick and easy sewing project, you’ll create the perfect strap cover for your camera, that’s both unique and comfortable. Make one for your favorite photographer.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: modabakeshop

Holiday Ornament

Holiday OrnamentBelieve it or not, this gorgeous Home for the Holidays ornament is made with those leftover fabric scraps. It’s a relatively easy project, and one that is sure to draw attention when it’s finished.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: retro-mama

Fabric Bookmark

Fabric BookmarkMake a bookmark for all of your favorite readers. These take only about five minutes each, and they’re the perfect gift for teachers, students, or anyone who loves to read.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Napkin Rings

Napkin RingsMake these gorgeous napkin rings with scraps of fabric, and create one for every season. Or, make a set to give as a special gift for the holidays, an upcoming wedding, or any other special occasion.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: livingwithpunks

Hair Bows

Hair BowsEvery little girl needs a great collection of hair bows, and these easy to make fabric bows are perfect. You just need a small piece of leftover fabric for each one, and you can create something for every day of the week.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: stitchedbycrystal

Starburst Mug Rug

Starburst Mug RugUse those old quilt squares to create this colorful and useful mug rug. The starburst design is gorgeous and it’s a really easy project from start to finish.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: stitchesandscissors

Beautiful Make It Yourself Rag Quilt – So Fun and Easy!

Beautiful Make It Yourself Rag Quilt – So Fun and Easy!
This beautiful rag quilt tutorial is on Imperfect Homemaking. You basically just have to cut your quilt pieces and sew them together. Even if you have never made a quilt before, you can easily put this one together. The choice of colors and patterns is all yours so you can be as creative as you like. This is a great way to spruce up a bedroom and if you have old fabric or clothes lying around you can just cut the quilt squares from that so it won’t cost you anything but a little time. Can you say great gift idea?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: Beautiful Make It Yourself Rag Quilt – So Fun and Easy!

Glasses Case

Glasses CaseKeep your sunglasses or reading glasses safe and fashionable with this gorgeous and easy to make glasses case. Just a few scraps of fabric and some fusing, and you’re all set.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Little Guy Ties

Little Guy TiesThese little neckties will make your little guy look like such a man. They are really easy to make and so adorable. Make one for all of his little suits.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: makeit-loveit

Pencil Case

Pencil CaseMake back to school easier, fashionable, and less expensive with this homemade pencil case that you can create from a few pieces of scrap fabric. This one is so easy you’ll want to do several, maybe one for every week!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sewmamasew

Owl Toy

Owl ToyHow much do we simply adore this little owl toy? What a perfect gift for a new baby! This one is so very easy and you know you just have to make it.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: twomoreminutes

Fabric Covered Bed Frame

Fabric Covered Bed FrameWhat a gorgeous way to use up those fabric scraps and give any bedroom a great new look! You just cover your bed frame with fabric, and you can do whatever design you want. What we love most about this project is how unique it is, and it’s much easier to do than you may think.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: ashleyannphotography

Bifold Wallet

Bifold WalletThis quilted wallet is beautiful and so very easy to create. Who needs to pay designer prices when you can make it yourself? This one is a bit more complicated than just gluing fabric, but definitely worth the effort.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: modestmaven

Fabric Roses

Fabric RosesThese roses are easy to make and are the perfect complement to any of your other sewing projects. Use them to dress up pillows, clothing, or whatever you want. You can make one in about five minutes.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sweetcsdesigns

Waterproof Zippered Pouch

Waterproof Zippered PouchThis little pouch is great for makeup, coins, or whatever you need to carry without worries of moisture. It’s an easy to make pouch, and it takes just a few pieces of fabric. With a little sewing, you can easily create this pouch in an afternoon.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: noodle-head

Key Chains

Key ChainsWhat a great gift idea for a teen who just turned licensed driver! These little key chains are both unique and easy to make. Add embellishments like buttons, bows, gems, or whatever you want to make each one as unique as who you plan on giving them to.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftinessisnotoptional


ArtworkWhat better way to put those old fabric scraps to use than making beautiful art? You can do any design you want, depending on where you want to hang your artwork. A sewing machine collage is perfect for the sewing room, but it’s up to you what you do.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: cutoutandkeep

Cord Keeper

Cord KeeperYou know you want to keep those cords tucked away safely, and this easy to make cord keeper lets you do just that, and while using up some of those fabric scraps you have laying around. Velcro closes the keeper over your cords, giving you an organized and stylish desk.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: leafytreetopspot

Decorative Bobby Pins

Decorative Bobby PinsDon’t just put plain bobby pins in your hair, decorate them with scraps of fabric and make them fabulous. We love this idea and it’s so easy to do. You can make several of these in an afternoon and always have lovely pins to wear.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: justcallmechris

More Flowers

More FlowersSo we’ve seen fabric roses, but there are tons of other flowers to consider, too. These fabric flowers are so easy to make and you can use them to decorate everything from pillows to headbands, or any other craft you want to make. Each one takes about five minutes to make.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects


HeadbandsWith those scrap pieces of fabric, some elastic, and a template, you can create these pretty little headbands. They take very little sewing and are super cute. Any little girl is going to love wearing them.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftsnob

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bags

Stuffed Animal Sleeping BagsThis is an idea that the little ones will love. Use those leftover fabric pieces to create these adorable little sleeping bags for your kids’ stuffed animals. These are so easy to make, you’ll want to let the little ones help.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: parents

Mini Sewing Kit

Mini Sewing KitMake a mini sewing kit that you can carry with you for those sewing emergencies, and use those scrap pieces of fabric to do it. This little gem is not only easy, it’s adorable, and you can easily make it in just an hour or so. It snaps together to keep those mini sewing supplies secure.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: iheartlinen

Fabric Scrap Letters

Fabric Scrap LettersWhether you use these letters to teach the little ones their ABC’s or you want to embellish another sewing project, you’ll love how easy it is to create them. These larger ones are quilted and make a great display, but you could size them down for use as decorative accents on pillows or any number of other projects.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: positivelysplendid

Keychain Coin Purse

Keychain Coin PurseThese tiny little keychain purses take so very little fabric, but make a huge statement. Dress them up however you like. They’re the perfect accessory and great for kids and grown-ups alike.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: flamingotoes

Gathered Clutch

Gathered ClutchThis zippered clutch is perfect for purses or makeup. You just need a few scraps of fabric, a sewing machine, and a few other supplies, and it’s much faster and easier to make than it looks.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: noodle-head

Kleenex Pouch

Kleenex PouchWhat a wonderful gift idea for someone special! These little Kleenex pouches are easy to make and perfectly hold those little pocket sized Kleenex packs. Make several of these and use them for stocking stuffers, or just keep one for yourself.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: Sosewsomething

Easy Baby Blanket

Easy Baby BlanketIf you’ve got a little one on the way, or know someone who does, this adorable little baby blanket is perfect. Coordinate your fabric scraps, or mix and match to make something really unique. It’s a gift any mother will love.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Memory Game

Memory GameThis fabric swatch memory game is the perfect thing to make with that leftover fabric. Kids will love it, and it gives them something to do on cold winter days. You just have to coordinate matching fabric circles, however many you want, and attach to cardstock.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: ichmark

Heart Pendant

Heart PendantThis gorgeous pendant can be made with the tiniest bit of fabric, and would be perfect as a gift. You’ll need a necklace chain, and a few other materials to make it. It’s easy to create, though and so beautiful.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: modpodgerocksblog

Scrap Fabric Bedding

Scrap Fabric BeddingSew those scraps of fabric together to create a beautiful bedding set. From the pillow shams to the comforter, you’ll have a gorgeous room, and if you have enough fabric leftover, why not create curtains or valances, too?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: vintagerevivals

Embroidered Buttons

Embroidered ButtonsThese tiny buttons are adorable and very easy to make. Use those scrap fabric strips as a base for cute buttons and dress up all of your favorite clothes. You can also use the buttons to embellish curtains, pillows, or any other craft project.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftstylish

Picture Frame

Picture FrameCover an old, or new, picture frame in scraps of fabric to make it really unique. You just need strips of fabric and glue and you can turn any picture frame into a beautiful vintage looking frame that is sure to brighten up any room.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: freshandfun

Embellished Shirt

Embellished ShirtDress up any plain shirt with those leftover fabric pieces. Make your design and use the fabric to fill it in. This is a great project for t-shirts or anything that needs a little embellishment.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crazylittleprojects

Another Pillow

Another PillowPillows are our favorite things and this adorable fabric piece pillow is certainly no exception. We love that it’s just so easy to make and so unique. You can do different patterns or different colors; it’s all up to you.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sewhomegrown

Fabric Trimmed Towels

Fabric Trimmed TowelsWe absolutely adore this trimmed towel idea, especially with the Holidays coming up. What better way to take care of those gifts on your giving list than with homemade towels, and trimmed in none other than your leftover fabric pieces?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Braided Bracelet

Braided BraceletHere’s another gorgeous jewelry idea to make from those leftover fabric swatches. This braided bracelet can be done in any color or design, and will make a wonderful gift idea. It just takes a small bit of sewing, and is perfect for pre-teens and teenagers.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: howjoyful

Fabric Flower Brooch

Fabric Flower BroochThis is the perfect way to use up some of those fabric scraps and it’s one of the easiest projects we’ve listed so far. Create this brooch for dressing up hats, jackets, or anything you want.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Scrap Binding

Scrap BindingSo, if you have enough scrap fabric or if you want to just save them all for a rainy day, you can use them to create unique and colorful binding. Use your binding for other projects like quilting or piping. Just keep adding to your scrap fabric pile until you have enough.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Fabric Eggs

Fabric EggsOk, so it’s not close to Easter, but you’ll want to create some of these eggs for just decorating around the house in general. You just cover plastic eggs in fabric. Do different colors to match each season or just wait until spring if you want. Either way, you’ll love how easy these are.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: itsoverflowing

Pumpkin Fall Décor

Pumpkin Fall DécorTurn fall colored fabric scraps into this adorable pumpkin décor. You’ll love how easy this one is to make and you are sure to be the envy of your neighbors. Just cut out the pumpkin shape from your fabric and attach to a base.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: theturquoisehome

Scrappy Tea Towel

Scrappy Tea TowelYou can buy plain tea towels at any craft store, or if you just happen to have some on hand, use your scrap fabric to customize them. Just cut out your chosen shapes or designs and attach to the tea towel. This is also a wonderful gift idea.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mini Christmas Tree OrnamentsThis easy Christmas tree ornament is perfect for all skill levels, and would be a great project for the kids. Turn scrap fabric pieces into adorable little ornaments for your mini tree, or make them bigger and create a completely homemade Christmas tree this year.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Quilted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Quilted Christmas Tree OrnamentsThese quilted ornaments are actually little Christmas trees, made from your scrap fabric. They’re perfect if you want to create a vintage tree or you can hang them from your wreath or even use them as decorations on gifts. However you use them, you’re going to adore them for their cuteness.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog.

Baby Mobile

Baby MobileMake this gorgeous vintage looking crib mobile with a few scraps of fabric and a few other supplies. What child wouldn’t absolutely love this? You just wrap the fabric, gluing it as you go. This is the perfect unique gift for the next baby shower you attend.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: smallmagazine

Advent Calendar

Advent CalendarMake an Advent calendar out of those fabric scraps. The kids will simply adore this one and it won’t cost you much if you use items like toiletries and other inexpensive little gifts. It’s really easy, too and makes a wonderful decoration when it’s all done.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Light Switch Cover

Light Switch CoverDecoupage those boring old light switch covers with some fabric scraps. Just glue the scraps over the cover like you would a traditional covering, and make them as unique as you want. This is the perfect time to pull out that Mod Podge!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: vickiehowell

Cake Flags

Cake FlagsThe next time you need to dress up a cake, or cupcakes, put that scrap fabric to good use and make these cute little cake flags. Super easy to make, these little flags make a big statement, and are sure to thrill guests at your next dinner party.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: poppytalk

Ribbon and Fabric Garland

Ribbon and Fabric GarlandOh, this garland is just too gorgeous for words! You just take strips of fabric and put it all together with some matching, or not matching, ribbon to create this beautiful décor. You can use these for baby showers or just hang one above the mantel for a little extra country chic.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: southernstateofmindblog

No Sew Fabric Basket

No Sew Fabric BasketBelieve it or not, this basket is super easy to make and requires absolutely no sewing. You just work the scrap fabric like a weave to cover the plastic basket and what you end up with is an amazing basket that looks like it cost you a fortune.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: blessthismessplease

Fall Wreath

Fall WreathDress up your fall wreath with some autumn colored scraps of fabric. Just take a wreath form and wrap your scraps around it, then embellish with any type of fall decoration. This is a really easy project that will take you about an hour to complete.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit:craft-o-maniac

Reusable Snack Bags

Reusable Snack BagsUse those fabric pieces leftover from other projects to create these grab and go snack bags with a sneak peak window. Kids can see what they’re grabbing and you can organize your snacks. Plus, these are really easy to make.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: zitzmanfam

Scrappy Lamp Shade

Scrappy Lamp ShadeTurn those scraps of fabric into a lovely vintage lamp shade that is super easy to make. You basically just take strips of fabric and tie them together. This is a great lamp shade for any room and will let you use up those fabric scraps in style.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: www.the36thavenue

Quilted Bowl

Quilted BowlQuilted fabric pieces, or you can quilt them if you need to, can be put together to create this amazing bowl. This is a relatively easy project and one that is sure to gain attention. Imagine the things that you could keep in this gorgeous bowl!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: cadouri-din-inima

Hot Pads

Hot PadsUse up those scrap pieces of fabric and save yourself some heat in the kitchen with these amazing hot pads. They’re relatively easy to make, although there is some sewing involved. They also make great gifts.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftyasiangirl

Baby Bibs

Baby BibsHere’s another easy project to use up those scrap fabric pieces, and another one that will make the perfect gift. These are great if you have little ones or if you know someone who’s expecting. What better gift than a homemade one?

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Scrap Map

Scrap MapHelp the kids with their homework projects or just create this fabric scrap map for home décor. This makes gorgeous wall art, and you can have a great time choosing appropriate fabric pieces for each state.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: seekatesew

Scrap Shamrock

Scrap ShamrockWhile it may not be St. Patty’s Day yet, it’s definitely coming and before it gets here, take some time to turn a few of those scrap fabric pieces into this amazing shamrock. This is an easy project that’s perfect for all skill levels and lets you create an adorable little shamrock with those green fabric swatches.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Post It Holder

Post It HolderDress up your desk or create this great sticky note holder for a teacher for the Holidays. This easy to make holder uses just a small piece or two of fabric, and is really beautiful when it’s all put together. The Post It notes just slide right in.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: simonehowell

Closet Tags

Closet TagsThese great closet tags are not only easy to make, they are very helpful when it comes to keeping your clothes organized. Made from tiny bits of leftover fabric, they are great for kids and will help you to keep every closet in your home sorted and perfectly organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: inbetweenlaundry

Band Aids

Band AidsFabric band aids? These are just too cute, and they are so easy to make. Kids are going to absolutely adore wearing these, and so will you! This is a great way to dress up that first aid kit, and give those boo-boos a little extra fancy covering.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftandcreativity

Diaper Strap

Diaper StrapKeep those loose diapers organized on the go with this adorable diaper strap. It’s made from just a strip of leftover fabric and you can use Velcro to keep it together or put a button on if you prefer. This is yet another great baby shower gift idea!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: cally-cruze

Peacock Pillow

Peacock PillowTake an afternoon and create this beautiful peacock pillow from those fabric scraps and a few other supplies. These are great for decorating up the couch or you could make a pair and use them as a gift.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Business Card Holder

Business Card HolderThis is a great little project, and one that only takes a couple of fabric scraps and some batting. Create a holder for business cards. You can use this to keep the business cards in your purse organized or give it as a gift.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftycupboard

Caravan Pin Cushion

Caravan Pin CushionThis cute little pin cushion is a travel trailer, but you could do this in any design or pattern you want. The idea is to use up those leftover scrap pieces, and turning them into a pin cushion is a wonderful idea.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: crafts-beautiful

Dresden Petal Handbag

Dresden Petal HandbagUse strips of leftover fabric to create your own unique and very stylish handbag. Those quilted or scrappy bags are all the rage and you can make one for yourself, and incidentally save hundreds of dollars.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: jemimabean

Award Ribbon

Award RibbonCreate an award necklace or ribbon to give to your child when he or she does something amazing. These are really easy to make and will instantly bring a smile to any child’s face.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

DIY Fabric Tape

DIY Fabric TapeImagine the projects that you could pull off if you had an endless supply of fabric tape! You can if you turn those scrap pieces into fabric tape. Just stick your fabric strips into double sided tape and then trim to fit. How easy!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: mairuru

Eye Pillows

Eye PillowsMake your own relaxing eye pillow with all that leftover fabric. You’ll also need things like rice or other lentils, and a few other supplies. This is one of our favorite scrap fabric projects, because not only does it use up those scraps but it gives you a relaxing eye pillow to take the strain off after a long day.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: ogajournal

Fabric Fortune Cookies

Fabric Fortune CookiesOh my goodness, these fabric fortune cookies are so adorable. You can use these any time of the year, and they each take just a little strip of fabric. Don’t forget to put a nice little note in each one and use them as gifts or for your own home décor.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: brassyapple

Fabric Envelopes

Fabric EnvelopesTurn that scrap pile into these adorable fabric lined envelopes. These are great for giving out birthday cards or for sending a special note to someone you love. You just cut and then glue fabric to the inside of the envelope – so easy!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: seekatesew

Glam Makeup Brush

Glam Makeup BrushBuy an ordinary, plain makeup brush at the Dollar Store (you can get a whole set for about a dollar) and then dress them up with your fabric scraps. Just wrap the handles and glue. These would make wonderful gifts for those glamor girls in your life.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: lemonjitters

Coffee Cup Cozy

Coffee Cup CozyThese adorable little coffee cup cozies are the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. You can mix and match the design, just create whatever you want. You’ll really appreciate how easy this one is and it takes just a small bit of your fabric scrap pile to create.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Fabric Postcards

Fabric PostcardsTurn those scraps into these collage postcards to send or to use for your home décor. They’re vintage looking and very unique. If you’re planning a trip, these are the perfect postcards to take along to send home to your loved ones, and all you have to do is glue your fabric to cardstock.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist RestSew together a few strips of fabric and fill with rice to make this easy wrist rest for the keyboard. This is such a simple project and one that will definitely come in handy if you sit at the computer and type all day.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: andsometimesy

Covered Magnets

Covered MagnetsMake these chic refrigerator magnets by simply covering regular magnet with some of your leftover fabric pieces. You can make these in any size or shape. They’re a wonderful way to add a little rustic charm to your kitchen or office.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: allthingslovely

Ribbon Gift Card Holder

Ribbon Gift Card HolderStore bought gift card holders are so boring. Try using some of that scrap fabric and making these adorable card holders instead. They’re unique and a lot less expensive than those boring ones they sell in stores.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Sewing Weights

Sewing WeightsWhy not use your scrap fabric to make future sewing projects easier? These sewing weights are really easy to do and are perfect for those of you who hate using pins when you sew. Cut them into any shape you want and then just fill with metal washers.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Scrappy Shoes

Scrappy ShoesYes, you absolutely can make shoes from those leftover scrap pieces. How adorable are these? Even if you’ve never made shoes before, these really aren’t that difficult, and they are really cute; perfect for gardening.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: ilovetocreateblogl


YardageIf all else fails and you can’t find a scrap project that you want to do, just turn those scraps back into fabric yardage. Sew them all together and then just cut out your patterns like you normally would. You’ll get a great look from the scraps and you can tackle those larger projects, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Shoulder Pad

Shoulder PadTurn those scraps into this adorable shoulder strap that makes carrying your handbag much more comfortable. You can use a snap closure or a hook and loop, and make several so that you’ll have one to match every bag.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftsy

Little Birdies

Little BirdiesTurn the nursery into a paradise with these whimsical birdies that you can create from your scrap pile. They are easy to make and you can use them to decorate pillows or other things, or just use them as toys. However you use them, you have to admit that they’re adorable.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Scented Pins

Scented PinsThese scented pins are easy to make with a few scraps of material, some embroidery thread and lavender, or whatever dried flower you want to use. You’ll also need to pin to attach and whatever trim you desire.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

Scrap Piece Belt

Scrap Piece BeltSo, take all of those cute little scraps that you have on hand, sew them together, and then create these adorable belts. You can do these for boys or girls and the only extra hardware you need is the closure.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: makeit-loveit

Spring Wreath

Spring WreathIf you’ve got a lot of fabric scraps with spring colors and pastels, use them to create this stunning spring wreath. You just tie the scraps around the wreath form, which gives it a wonderfully rustic and country look.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: sillyoldsuitcase

Flirty Bracelets

Flirty BraceletsThese are great projects to do with old t-shirts or any fabric swatches that you have just laying around. You just cut your material into strips and then braid into these adorable bracelets. This is so easy even the kids can do it, and it definitely gives them a fun project for when the weather isn’t cooperating.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: savedbylovecreations

Ruffled Bib

Ruffled BibWe love DIY baby supplies and this ruffled bib is great. Take those scraps of material and use them to create something perfect for giving at an upcoming baby shower. You just sew your created “ruffles” onto the front of a regular bib and you have the most unique gift at the shower.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftinessisnotoptional

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry BagHere’s another great bag that you can create with your fabric scraps, and one that is really easy to do. Add a zipper or you could use Velcro or another closure if you don’t want to bother with sewing in a zipper. Either way, this is the cutest bag.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftastical

Tissue Cozy

Tissue CozyHere’s another take on the tissue cozy, and one that would make the perfect gift for the upcoming Holidays. There is very little sewing required and it takes very little fabric. You just basically need enough to cover a small pack of tissues.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: littlebitfunky

Travel Postcards

Travel PostcardsMake these wonderful postcards of the U.S. or pick and choose your state. If you are planning to travel, these are perfect for sending to friends and family to show them where you’re going or where you’ve been. They’re also so easy the kids can do them.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

DIY Rag Rug

DIY Rag RugIf you have a lot of scrap fabric, then this DIY rag rug is definitely something to consider. It’s vintage and chic look is great for any room, and it is so easy to make. Do one in blues for a boy’s room, pink for girls, or mix it up a bit. The possibilities with this one really are endless.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: craftaholicsanonymous

Scrap Bucket

Scrap BucketFinally, we’ve found this amazing fabric scrap bucket that’s not only made of fabric scraps, it gives you the perfect place to keep your scraps in the future. You know, so that you can save them up for all the other projects that we’ve found for you.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: thesewingloftblog

DIY Corner Tab Flat Pouch Tutorial

DIY Corner Tab Flat Pouch Tutorial

This crafty post involves a cute little zippered pouch that you can make yourself. The tutorial is from Bored & Crafty and it shows you everything that you need to make this adorable pouch. Even if you don’t use a sewing machine a lot, this looks relatively easy and you can make it in so many different colors and patterns. We love the contrasting corners but you can do it however you want. As easy as it is – and inexpensive – you may just want to make lots of these so that you’ll have them for gift giving during the holidays.

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